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Original custom missions for GUNSHIP!

To install any of these files, use unzip or "Save As" to copy them into this directory location on your PC:


After unzipping, the battles will be available for play within GUNSHIP!

These missions are listed in descending order by approximate creation date:

USA - Invaders From the Hills


by James Trapp

IFTH.jpg (92664 bytes)

from the briefing:

"An enemy task force is approaching our base from the northeastern hills. The size of the task force is not known, due to the nature of the terrain.

Spotters report the presence of troop copters. Don't let these copters land their troops and secure a formidable battle position.


USA - City Rush


by James Trapp

CtyRsh.jpg (89812 bytes)

from the briefing:

"Our forces are striking a city and its adjacent bases. Our forces will approach the strike area from the north. You are to assist the operation by providing air cover. Stay alert for recently observed enemy units that will likely approach from the southeast."


UK - CounterStrike


by James Trapp

Count.jpg (94125 bytes)

from the briefing:

"Anti-Christian militants have seized control of a city and are threatening its civilians. Your Apache section has been dispatched to eliminate this terrorist threat."


USA - Cuban Missile Crisis


by James Trapp

TreeClip.jpg (59459 bytes)

from the briefing:

"Our forces in this area have been losing too much ground and equipment. They have retreated and are dug-in at the southern edge of the area. To aid the situation, your Apache flight and some artillery have been dispatched to thwart the enemy presence in the area. Fly to your waypoints and destroy all enemy units encountered. "


USA - Cuban Missile Crisis


by James Trapp

CubaCap.jpg (260756 bytes)

CubaCap2.jpg (250675 bytes)

from the briefing:

"The Russians, in collaboration with Fidel Castro, have situated TEL's (transporter-erector-launcher) on a northern coast of Cuba. These TEL's are carrying nuclear capable missiles that have the ability to reach Florida. This threat must be eliminated immediately.

OBJECTIVE: Destroy all TEL units situated along or in proximity to your flight plan. "


This mission is intended for use with the HeloSwapper tropic scenery modification.


USA - Balance of Power


by James Trapp

BalCap1.gif (73787 bytes)

BalCap2.gif (117519 bytes)

from the briefing:

"The southern section of this area is held by elements of the 1st Elite Guards. These guardsmen are rigorously trained experts that possess a greater proficiency than most other Russian forces. A disruption of their presence in this area could serve to possibly demoralize and destabilize enemy forces in the entire region."

(All ground units designed using the LOGIC_* parameter. The Gunship AI at it's best..)


UK - Panther's Den


by James Trapp

PanCap1.gif (79149 bytes)

PanCap2.gif (91019 bytes)

from the briefing:

Our forces will be having a go at capturing the airdrome, code-named Panther's Den, at the western side of the area. Team Falcon will proceed to the northern section of the area in an effort to distract and draw out the enemy's defenses. After 10 minutes have elapsed, Team Lion will move directly towards Panther's Den to drub all remaining enemy defenses, while being joined by a detachment from Falcon.

(A nicely strategized mission using the British WAH-64D Apache. This is great scenario to practice using the Longbow Flight Control Radar available in full realistic mode. (See page 50 in the Gunship manual) ).


SpetzNaz: Bornholm Island


8kb by fng2k

SPTZBRN3.gif (57991 bytes)

SPTZBRN4.gif (76216 bytes)

RED MISSION: A Razvedchiki SpetzNaz Team will be attacking a target on the Danish island of Bornholm at the western end of the Baltic Sea. Your Mission: Create a diversion and provide support for this attack.

The area of operations is the coast west of the city of Svaneke. Lift off at 04:00 from your converted container ship 70km north of the Island. Make a sustained attack on the harbor defenses and draw any enemy forces nearby toward the harbor.

The primary mission will be carried out by twenty-four SpetzNaz Commandos in three Mi-24 Hind "Flying Tanks". Two SU-25 Froggers will assist you in attacking the harbor defenses. The SpetzNaz are commanded by your old patron Col. Alexi Simonov. You have fought well together in the past. If you do well on this mission, there will be others.

Briefing built with GunTool.


NATO vs. Unknowns


10kb by fng2k

FARPFIRE.jpg (144804 bytes)

PAKM113.jpg (184045 bytes)

BLUE MISSION: 11/21/2003 You have just rotated in from Britain to the EU peacekeeping base at Nis in eastern Kosovo. But before you can even have some food and a cuppa, an urgent mission is at hand. Danish UN observers are taking sniper fire in Niska-Banja a few km SE. There is also a garbled report that a Pakistani UN mine clearing team in four M113 APCs is under attack by unknown infantry units.

MISSION: Escort a NATO Blackhawk section to Niska-Banja to extract the wounded Danes. When they have safely departed for the FARP, move north into the Nisqva River valley to locate and support the Pakistanis.

(Try to fly this one in full realistic mode as Copilot/Gunner. Press F9 or F2 at start of mission for the cinematic view ;). Flight plan is automatic. )

Briefing built with GunTool.


Thy Brother's Keeper


28 kb by OKPops

BROKPR2.gif (36581 bytes)

BROKPR1.gif (59244 bytes)

Important dignitaries from several democratic countries have gathered in Brunei City for talks regarding defense treaties for this part of the world. Two bordering nations have protested these meetings, and have threatened retaliation.

(Nasty. Talk about a target-rich environment... Due to the large number of ground units, a hi-speed connection reccomended for online multiplay)




4 kb by the clever kids at MicroProse

FULDA2.gif (73547 bytes)

A battle converted from the earlier, related MicroProse game M1 Tank Platoon 2. Interesting scenario with very smart AI ground units on both sides.

(Terrifying artillery. Gives M1TP2 players an inkling of what TANK PLATOON! would have been like.)



Briefing built with GunTool.


Fastmover's Counterattack


7 kb by fng2k

INBDHVY.jpg (219137 bytes)

REDMLRS1.gif (87428 bytes)

RED MISSION: Repel an expected British counterattack on the southern approach to Bad Wildüngen 50KM north of the Fulda Gap in the former German Republic. A large number of enemy aircraft are expected, (including American A-10, British Harriers and Tornadoes), as well as British armored units of unknown but possibly significant size.

(I have yet to win this one by myself.)


Lakeside Assault


6 kb by fng2k

LAKASLT1.jpg (199355 bytes)

LAKASLT2.jpg (146937 bytes)

BLUE MISSION: Support Marine amphibious and helo-borne landing southward into the VERY large city of Tallin, Estonia. Protect amphibious elements and locate/destroy enemy mobile HQ in midtown area.

(Biggest city I've ever seen in GS)


Evening Stroll


8 kb by OKPops

EVESTRL2.jpg (152019 bytes)

A relaxing sojourn through the mountains. Just you, the Eurocopter Tiger, and more enemy air defense than you ever thought possible.


(Very challenging)


Kidnap the War Criminal


10 kb by fng2k

CAPCRIM1.jpg (81492 bytes)

CAPCRIM3.jpg (136692 bytes)

BLUE MISSION: Intercept westbound Serbian armored column moving south-west through heavy forest from Osijek to Cepin. OBJECTIVES: Surprise and decimate an armored column before it leaves the forest road and reaches open ground just east of Cepin. IMPORTANT: Do NOT attack any MTLB Command vehicles. NATO wants to capture a high-level individual thought to be riding in one of the MTLB command tracks to face trial in the Hague. Two infantry companies inserted by six CH-53 Sea Stallions will ambush the remains of the column as it exits the forest road. If you fail, they may be wiped out.

(Rambos are doomed...)


Hot LZ, Cold Rain


9 kb by fng2k

COLDLZ2.jpg (125865 bytes)

COLDLZ3.jpg (144845 bytes)

BLUE MISSION: Escort two hastily assembled helicopter borne Marine infantry companies, (three Blackhawks/ three CH-53 Sea Stallions) as they attempt to secure a small Czech city named Horazdovice. The Blackhawks land first in another nearby city named Strakonice to quickly pick up a CBW team required to confirm the objective city center is clear of CBW agents. They will also pick up a CNN News crew. The Blackhawks will then meet the OH-53's at the FARP established at the captured airport west of town. There, both flights will refuel and pick up additional infantry units. Gunship units move forward to secure the objective LZ. The OH-53's will then land on a ridge south of town, and the Blackhawks will land in the town square at the north end of town a few minutes later. Piece of cake.

(lots of surprises, use F9>F11 to view the ground pounder action)

A modified version of this mission is in the 1st Bear Hunter Squadron download area.


3 pro-built battles

3GSMISS250500.zip at CombatSim.com

7 kb by ?

Boots and Saddles, Canyon Run and The Trumpet Calls.

These are very high quality, and show an intimate understanding of the battle building process. I suspect they came from someone at MicroProse, but who knows? Any information about the original author(s) is appreciated.

This link shown on the left will take you to a new page at http://www.combatsim.com/


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