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last page update: 04/18/05


Fan-made European Air Wars terrains can be used in Strike Fighters: Project 1 !

4/18/2005: See new 1.7 patch by Edward at the bottom of the page.

  The 60's jet sim Strike Fighters:Project 1 was designed by legendary sim master Tsuyoshi Kawahito  (TK), who also was a major force behind Longbow 2, European Air Wars and
many other titles.  TK's newest sim offers an unmatched versatility and level of detail.

To make the SF world, TK built a very sophisticated terrain creation application. A fan named TurboDT
asked TK if we could experiment  with it for Gunship use, and TK generously agreed to let us try his beta version.

This has led to great things. Sim tool master Keith Bedford has coded some conversion utilities, so not only
can it be used to create new Gunship maps, but it will work also for EAW maps, and possibly other sims, too!
This will open up a whole new world, as it were...

  Welcome to Europe; the scene of the most important battle that never happened: The Cold War

Version 1.5 of this map includes about 120 cities and 30 airbases, covering an area of roughly 1280 x 640 kilometers.

Here is what the new Strike Fighters map, (adapted from the EAW map), looks like:

Europe_EAWmap2.jpg (52628 bytes)


  The following seasonal terrains are all included, and are used with the generous permission of their authors.
(Except Paul Wilson..no one seems to know how to reach him. Please contact me if you know his email address.) Click on the thumbnails to view a larger image.


spring_sagginb_4.jpg (22034 bytes)     spring_sagginb_5.jpg (40142 bytes)     spring_sagginb_1.jpg (92242 bytes)           


summer_max188_1.jpg (25380 bytes)     summer_max188_2.jpg (32764 bytes)     summer_max188_3.jpg (43475 bytes)
Paul Wilson's
(via Skylark)


autumn_skylark_1.jpg (29886 bytes)     autumn_skylark_2.jpg (24319 bytes)     autumn_skylark_3.jpg (33271 bytes)
(Uses 128x128 tiles, but looks surprisingly nice)

Winter Thaw

winter_thaw_max188_1.jpg (35460 bytes)     winter_thaw_max188_2.jpg (53233 bytes)     winter_thaw_max188_3.jpg (26637 bytes)

Hard Winter

winter_hard_max188_1.jpg (23585 bytes)     winter_hard_max188_2.jpg (19051 bytes)     winter_hard_max188_3.jpg (26041 bytes)
Version 1.5



20.5 MB


Right-Click on the link at left, and then use "Save As" to download the
EAWEuro map installation file into your Strategy First\Strike Fighters\Terrain folder.

Next, execute the EAWEuro_15.exe file . Installation is automatic.

This installation package includes all of the tile sets shown above.
SagginB's EAW Spring terrain tile set is enabled by default.

NOTE: This version 1.5. It is fully functional, but minor cosmetic enhancements
are to be expected, and they will be released as they are completed.

  The setup routine will create a desktop shortcuts for each terrain. To select which terrain to fly over, just double click it, then launch SF:P1

To run them manually, look in your Strike Fighters\Terrain\EAWEuro folder for the
terrain activation batch files. They have names like "2_EAWEuro_Summer.bat" Just execute the batch file for the terrain you want, and go fly! (NOTE: these batch files MUST stay in the EAWEuro folder.)

Important note: If you install the terrain, but do not see any airfield runways or buildings:

Confirm that you have this file:
Strike Fighters\Terrain\EAWEuro\EAWEuro.CAT

If the file is NOT there:
-Locate and run Strike Fighters\Terrain\EAWEuro\Setup.bat .
If the batch file prompts for an "F" or a "D", enter "F"


-Locate and COPY this file: Strike Fighters\Terrain\Desert\Desert.cat
-Paste it and rename it as this file in this location: Strike Fighters\Terrain\EAWEuro\EAWEuro.CAT

An very nice Flash on-line map viewer and waypoint plotter was been made by Sal for the original Desert map. Deuces80th has now used Sal's source to make a new version of it for the EAWEuro map. This is very useful for creating custom missions using Keith Bedford's SF:P1 Mission Builder.

Both of these apps are first generation, but they are very nicely done. Thanks guys!

Sal's/Deuces' online Waypoint plotter

Keith's Mission Editor

ver 1.6 patch


There are a few small bugs such as ocean-going tanks due to typos in some INI files. I've fixed many of these in a small patch. Just unzip the three INI files in the package into your Strike Fighters\Terrain\EAWEuro folder, overwriting the old versions.

I know that there are still some remaining bugs, and an upgraded version 2.0 of this map is planned in the next few months. For more information, bug fixes, and updates, visit these great SF:P1 discussion forums:


Biohaz Central

Till then, enjoy Strike Fighters!



Link to 1.7 patch at Combatace.com

This update flattens all the airbases and gets rid of ALL the trees in the runways.
More fantastic work by Edward. Thanks!

  Watch for the new WW2 version of the EAWEuro terrain being developded by Edward and Charles....