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Mods and add-ons for GUNSHIP!

Here you will find add-on components that can greatly enhance your GUNSHIP! experience.


1. Before using Gunship mods, enhancements and add-ons, you should have a basic understanding of how to find, copy, and delete files on your PC. This applies to any sim enhancement.

2. These are all developed by fans, who have reverse-engineered the workings of Gunship in their own time without any manufacturer support or documentation. Bugs will sometimes appear, (and we welcome those reports), but every effort has been made to prevent any serious problems. None of these files effect your computers operating system in any way. They only relate to the cosmetic aspects of Gunship. "Undo" procedures are usually included.


The Big Stuff.
Enhanced Gunship Executable ver. 2.0
with many platoon upgrades
Mod M8 ver 3.0 for W9x XP ME W2K
with Desert/Winter terrain packs


Graphic mods

Editing Tools

Sound mods Controller profiles
Custom Helicopter "skins"
with unit insignia
New 3/2003
Guntool Mission editor Stereo rotor sounds Logitec Wingman Force 3D
Gunship / M1TP2 Wallpaper
New 12/2003
Gunship Original
Terrain tile set
French speech pack
Saitek Cyborg for CP/G control
Terrain Height Editor Thrustmaster HOTAS
3DZ Object editor ThrustMaster Afterburner Preset Template
Updated 10/2002

If you come up with more, or have ideas for new ones, contact me at gshelipad@lycos.com

Site policy on mods and add-ons: All mod programs and add-ons posted here are the exclusive property of their authors, (where known), and should only be posted elsewhere with their permission. Modifications or enhancements of another author's work should explicitly acknowledge the original author.






These two items were originally made for use with the the earlier MicroProse tank sim, M1 Tank Platoon 2. While not all of the features are usable with Gunship, the terrain height editor works beautifully. This is how mountains are made.

They originally appeared on John Sponaur's  "The Unofficial M1TP2 Edits and Missions Site". That site is temporarily unavailable, so these items appear here with the generous permission of their author and former host.

M1 Tank Platoon 2/Gunship
Map Editor

by Larry Hookins



(click below to view screencaps)

trntest1_small.jpg (1304 bytes)  GSdesert4.jpg (14032 bytes)



M1 Tank Platoon 2
Map design

by Larry Hookins


A detailed description of how M1TP2 builds its maps. Gunship maps are very similar. Anyone working on terrain editing will find this very helpful.  

Map Edit Version 2c:

1) Enhanced height editing. You may now optionally change the heights for the entire map. You may perform averaging functions on selected terrain or the entire map. Averaging a part of the map will smooth it out. This effect can be quite dramatic. See under Map Editing Features below for details.

2) When editing height, if you add a space after the height specification for an area, that amount will not be cleared and will still be in effect for the next height edit. For example, if you want to raise an area, entering "+10,1 ", including the space at the end, will allow you to click twice on an area to add approximately 10 feet to the area each time. Right click to cancel an operation, or backspace over the old specification to clear it.

3) Press the F key to "flood fill" a portion of the map with water. All terrain adjacent to the selected square that is the same height will be filled with water. This allows quick editing of lake areas.

4) Press the D key to remove all the water areas from the map.   The water and shorelines don't match very well in the Egypt and Lybia1 and 2 terrains. Open one of these terrain areas in the map editor, select an area on the overview map to go to the main screen, preferably one that's bordered by ocean. In the main map, press the D key (answer Y to the question about removing all the water), then press the F key and click on a square that was previously ocean. The water will now match the shoreline.

5) A bug was fixed that would cause the program to crash if the user selected an area on the overview map that was on the right side or bottom of the map.










French Speech Pack

by MicroProse
(With many thanks to the anonymous contributor!)

NEW! 06/20/2002


4.1 MB

This file contains all the voice communications heard in Gunship, translated into French. This is the complete, original MicroProse .wav file set, copied from the French edition, and generously donated by a European fan.

There are two ways to add the French speech pack to the English language versions of Gunship. (This probably works for the German version, too, but I haven't tested it.):

Method #1
ALL units speak in French, all the time:

  1. Rename your Gunship!/Data/Speech folder as Gunship!/Data/Speech_orig
  2. Unzip FSpeech.zip into a new folder named Gunship!/Data/Speech.
  3. Launch Gunship, then go to Configuration -> Game -> In Game language. Change this to Local.
  4. C'est tout.

In this method, all the message captions are also in French.

Method #2
Eurocopter Tiger crew speaks French instead of German:

  1. Rename your Gunship!/Data/GSpeech folder as Gunship!/Data/GSpeech_orig
  2. Unzip FSpeech.zip into a new folder named Gunship!/Data/GSpeech.
  3. Launch Gunship, then go to Configuration -> Game -> In Game language. Change this to Actual.
  4. C'est tout encore.

In this method, all the message captions are still in English.

At this point, the Eurocopter Tiger still has German markings, and there is no French "side". It would be possible to repaint the Tiger with French markings, and I think the gunship.exe could be edited to use French instead of German units. If anyone is interested in repainting the Tiger with French paint scheme, get in touch.

Reverse the folder naming process described above.




Co-Pilot / Gunner Speech pack ver. 2

by James Trapp

New version 12/11/2001


154 kb with self-installer

Gunship! Copilot/Gunner Sound Fix by James Trapp



This patch will change the intercom messages heard when playing as the CP/G. It will also sound a "beep" when a weapon is selected, before the intercom message is played that announces what weapon has been selected.




I. CP/G Phrases

This patch will alter what intercom messages are heard while sitting in the CP/G cockpit. Rather than hear the pilot acknowledge commands, you will hear the CP/G issue them. For instance, rather than hearing the PILOT say "Speeding up" after pressing the '0' key, you will hear the GUNNER (you) say "Increase speed."

As an added bonus, I inserted one second delays of silence in the voice "script" after the CP/G says "Come down" or "Come up." I did this because, sometimes, I like to hold down the '-' or '=' key for more than a brief moment. I don't, however, like to hear the CP/G continuously repeat the command to a point of insanity.


II. Avionic Beeps

When selecting cannon, rockets, or air-to-ground missiles, you will first hear a beep, followed by the usual corresponding intercom announcement.




1.Copies the following included file: select1.wav

To each of the following directories:


2. Copies the following new included file: Phrase.txt

To the following directory on your hard disk: Gunship!/Data/Speech 



Simply grab the phrase.txt file from the gunship!/data/speech directory on your Gunship! CD and put it in the gunship!/data/speech directory on your HD.

You may delete the select1.wav files from the speech directories, but it does no harm to leave them there.



I can be reached at jtrapp8136@aol.com





Rotor sound stereo upgrade

by James Trapp

NEW! 8/23/2001


83 kb

Another simple but powerful sound enhancement. By phase-shifting the original rotor sound wave files, JT creates an emulated stereo effect. Readme file included.

Listen to the difference:

AttackRotors - original .wav

AttackRotors - new stereo .wav

Put the files AttackRotors.wav and HokumRotors.wav in your Gunship!/Data/Sound directory.

Copy AttackRotors.wav and HokumRotors.wav from your Gunship CD and put them in the Gunship!/Data/Sound directory on your HD.







By Rudi Klaes

version  1.3c 

This is a terrific GUI toolbox built by Rudi for editing Gunship mission profiles, rosters and briefings.  Now you can edit the original Gunship campaigns, and even add new  campaign missions. Even create entirely new campaigns! And writing briefings has never been easier. It even analyses your mission, and places the correct unit sprites on the mission briefing screen! A must have for serious mission writers. The author welcomes feedback.


(zipped 836kb)
link fixed 10/02

GUNTOOL1.gif (6598 bytes) GUNTOOL2.gif (8306 bytes) GUNTOOL3.gif (10393 bytes) GUNTOOL4.gif (10382 bytes)




Get the 3DZ!Studio application!

By Alessandro Borges. Used to edit 3D objects in the Microprose 3DZ format. If you've never done 3D object editing, the learning curve is a bit steep, but worth it. This is how we make and reshape objects.

There is a wealth of knowledge about this side of things in the EAW community.

This link goes to Alessandro's website

This link goes to Cord's excellent 3DZ tutorial at his site.


cptedit1.jpg (33912 bytes)

Let's us do things like this:



GUNSHIP! original terrain tile set

Use these as templates
for building your own snow, jungle, or ? terrain

This zip contains the 83 original terrain tiles shipped with Gunship. The format is 256 x 256 pixel, 256 color in pcx format. Each tile represents an area approximately 500-600 meters on a side. This seems to vary according to which map is in use. I suspect that is because the topography uses real digital terrain data, and the points on that grid get "closer together" the farther North or South you are.

These are the original tiles with there original palettes.

You don't need these unless you want to create new terrain.

Updated 7/2002

Lake7.gif (33013 bytes)








These profiles have been generously shared by other Gunship pilots.
I have not tested most of them, but try them out.
Logitec Wingman Force 3D

(Mine. Crude but effective...)

Saitek Cyborg

This was made and contributed by Tim Huntington, and is very cool. It is optimized to let you fly as the Copilot/Gunner. All the commonly used commands to the AI pilot  (go left, come down, etc.), are mapped to joysstick controls. Very slick.



A very clever fellow named Ulf Muckel has begun developing some  sophisticated fuzzy-logic programming for Thrustmaster controllers, and he has made a profile for Gunship. Unfortunately I don't have one, so I can't speak from experience, but these look amazing!
Let me know what you think.
Ulf's Thrustmaster Programming site
Buff has kindly offer to share his ThrustMaster After Burner presets with everyone.   Updated 10/2002 ThrustMaster Afterburner Preset Template





Custom helicopter textures with unit insignia

A fan named Roughneck wanted to put custom unit artwork on his Apaches.   This sounded like a great idea, so I put together a kit which includes the US and UK Apache skins, and some instructions for doing this. You'll need some sort of graphics editing program. I've been very pleased with Paint Shop Pro, but there are many others.

For more info about doing custom aircraft skins, you may want to check out these great tutorials by these talented  European Air Wars "skinners":

Chompy's skinning / painting tutorial:
Mosi's skinning tutorials

I'll be posting any that I make here, and if anyone else decides to "adopt a unit" and make a skin with that unit's insignia, I'll be glad to post them here for you if you like.

The skins for doing this with other helos are included in Mod M8, and custom versions of those are welcome, too.

Honor those who Serve.

1cav.jpg (24393 bytes)

Apache customization kit

(w/ instructions and 1st Cav
skin shown above.)


This is an aircraft from the 1st Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment, "B" Company "Vampires", as flown by Chief Warrant Officer Ronald D. Young Jr., 26, of Lithia Springs, Ga., and Chief Warrant Officer David S. Williams, 30, of Orlando, Fla.

Temporarily guests of the Iraqi government, but now home SAFE!

Artwork by MicroProse adapted by fng2k



1-227LB2.jpg (64316 bytes)



This package contains skins for a UH-60 Blackhawk and a AH-64 Apache from the 1st Battalion, 160th Special Ops Aviation Regiment (SOAR). Typically these guys don't fly with any markings for obvious reasons...but what fun would that be. :-) The 160th are the "best of the best". Their nickname is the "Night Stalkers" which points to their pioneering flying in zero visibility night flights.

Unit insignia and fantastic detailing by Roughneck, artwork by MicroProse Black-skin conversion by fng2k


NEW 4/20/2003

160th_SOAR.jpg (75955 bytes)






GUNSHIP! /M1 Tank Platoon II Wallpaper

Converted from original graphics to 1025x768 .JPG

(Thanks to eddy for the idea!)

To use, click on the thumbnail to open the full-size image. Then Right-click on the full-size image and select: "Set as Wallpaper"

Updated 12/2003

Download all 12




AH64goodday.jpg (78416 bytes)

M1goodday.jpg (107873 bytes) M1TP2G.jpg (145768 bytes)

GSloading1.jpg (63328 bytes) GSloading2.jpg (61288 bytes) GSloading3.jpg (69989 bytes)

ah64back.jpg (78677 bytes) mi28back.jpg (78946 bytes) uht1back.jpg (75025 bytes)

GS_MFD1.jpg (61961 bytes) GS_MFD2.jpg (30344 bytes) GS_MFD3.jpg (77445 bytes) GS_MFD9.jpg (102844 bytes)




Email: gshelipad@lycos.com